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Causes & Symptoms of Back and Neck Pain

Back and neck pain can range from mild irritation, a dull presence, throbbing and aching annoyance, to a harsh disabling pain. Pain in your back and neck can restrict your mobility and cut back on your normal functionality. Due to your neck's location, it is often left unprotected and becomes subject to injury. Depending on the injury the pain in your back or neck can be acute or chronic. This is why we suggest you get in touch with your health care provider when dealing with persistent and/or harsh pain. 


Causes of Back & Neck Pain

Even with top of the line technology and scientific development, we are unable to pinpoint the exact reason for back and neck pain. This is due to the fact that neck and back pain are associated with different causes, such as: 


  • Overuse or improper use of neck and back muscles. For instance, repetitive heavy lifting, repetitive overuse, and improper posture or technique
  • Not allowing traumatic injuries or fractures to heal completely
  • A range of infections and viral diseases, causing pain
  • Degeneration of your vertebrae, generally caused due to stress placed on the muscles and ligaments. These include support, posture, and the effects of aging bones
  • Abnormal growth of bone spur or tumour
  • Being overweight places extra weight on your spine, pressure on your disc that applies pressure on your back and neck muscles
  • Low muscle tone, or muscle tension or spasm
  • A minor strain or sprain - depending on several causes.
  • A tear in the ligament or muscle
  • Joint related issues, such as arthritis
  • Excessive smoking can cause back and neck pain.
  • Compression fractures and osteoporosis.
  • A protruding or slipped disk, followed by a pinched nerve can cause significant distress.


The Symptoms of Back and Neck Pain


Symptoms Associated With Back Pain

  • A dull, sharp, or burning pain in your back - confined to a single space, or covering a larger area
  • Legs feeling numb or tingling sensation around your knee
  • Stiffness and aches alongside your spine - ranging from your neck to your tailbone
  • Sharp pain starting from your lower back and going down the end of your thigh through to your toes
  • Constant aches in the lower or middle part of your back - after standing or sitting for a while


Symptoms Associated With Neck Pain: 

  • Arm numbness or tingling
  • Sharp shooting pains or dull aches in your neck
  • Headaches
  • Shoulder pain


How To Treat Back & Neck Pain?

If you suffer from acute or chronic neck or back pain, you should consider the course wisely. While acute pain can be improved after some rest, or with the help of over the counter medication. Unfortunately, Chronic pain is a bit trickier to handle.


To help you get started, we suggest you try some of the many remedies listed below. These remedies are an alternative solution to surgery and excessive medication. However, only time will tell if you can maintain your pain with these remedies, or do you require surgery.



Yours in self-care,

Adrian Wilk

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