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Causes & Treatment of Extremity Pain

Individuals who suffer from pain in their legs, feet, ankles, arms, shoulders, or wrists are not alone to which millions of individuals worldwide deal with extreme pain. Some are lucky enough to pass it by; others are not so lucky. The type of pain you feel is commonly a direct impact on its root cause, whether the discomfort is caused by injury or an illness. 


Lower and upper extremity pain vary in severity and type based on your medical problems and lifestyle choices. Moreover, it is associated with your pathology, as your pain may be caused by a condition that impacts a specific region of your body. Due to which the type of pain you feel differs on the underlying cause. 


Lower & Upper Extremity Pain Symptoms

Extremity pain symptoms are often described as dull, achy, and sharp, depending on the discomfort's underlying cause. Moreover, the pain varies based on activity levels. For instance, some individuals only feel pain when working out, and others find pain when they take part in a specific movement or activity. 


Regardless of what is causing you extremity pain, you might experience the symptoms listed below: 


  • Swelling
  • Numbness
  • Tingling
  • Cramping
  • Weakness


Lower and Upper Extremity Pain Causes

Most injuries and illnesses are different and cause extremity pain. There are causes such as fractures, arthritis, and muscle strains; that cause discomfort to your upper and lower extremities. Some issues only case one extremity at a time.


Upper Extremity Pain - The most common cause of upper extremity pain is overuse. Repeatedly lifting heavy objects, rotating your wrists in the same direction every few minutes, repeating an arm movement a certain way can irritate your muscles.


Lower Extremity Pain - Pain felt in your lower extremities is commonly caused by compression of nerves. For instance, if your back muscles are pinched, sciatica, and herniated disc can cause acute leg pain. There are times when the injury has occurred in another location for your body. However, illnesses such as diabetic neuropathy and gout can transfer the pain from one section of your body to another.


Lower and Upper Extremity Pain Treatments


When it comes to treating extremity pain, you will be happy to know there are several treatments you can choose from; unfortunately, these treatments' effectiveness relies heavily on the injury or illness causing you pain. Another aspect that plays a massive role in the treatment plan is the pain's location and intensity.


The best way to find and follow a treatment plan that works is by getting in touch with your general physician. Only a professional will assess the situation at hand and offer you a solution that works for you in the years to come. 


A treatment plan that touches every issue that comes forward and ensures you can work through the treatment's pain and distress caused by the treatment. What took some a few days, might take you a few weeks so be patient. Believe in the process you get started on and give the treatment plan a little time to start.



Yours in self-care,

Adrian Wilk

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