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Chi Energy | Understanding the Fundamentals

What does Chi mean?

We all have days when we don’t feel energetic or excited, we don’t seem to look forward to anything, and everything seems, ‘off’. This feeling of imbalance and distraction is what people in Chinese medicine would refer to an imbalance of ‘Qi’ or ‘Chi’. Chi refers to the spiritual energy that is said to be coursing through our body without complicating it too much. It is also said to be responsible for maintaining your health, mood and well-being. 


If we look at it through a more philosophical lens, then Chi refers to the balance between Yin and Yang, positive and negative. It is also referred to as the ‘joy of being alive’ or the ‘breath of life’.


What’s the aim behind balancing one’s Chi?

A strong Chi is said to affect our physical and mental well-being positively. It helps us remain calm and collected in stressful situations, on the other hand, a weak Chi makes us easily fall prey to negativity, get bogged down and lead to disruption in many aspects of one’s life. Chinese culture believes that Chi is the ultimate life force; according to them, it carries inside us nourishment and extends ourselves beyond our bodies. 


What affects one’s Chi?

Achieving an optimum mental and physical state is what matters the most. If any elements obstruct your way of getting to that tranquil state of mind, those can affect your Chi. Habits like not getting enough sleep, lack of nutritious food for the body, clean water deprivation, and fresh air can also negatively affect your Chi. Not getting enough mental, social and interpersonal stimulation can also be a reason for one’s Chi to be imbalanced.


When a person is continuously surrounding themself with stress, heavy and negative thoughts, it causes blockages within the body and prevents Chi from free-flowing and nourishing us. 


How to balance one’s Chi? 

With practice and patience!! We can work towards cultivating our energy to help our Chi flow smoothly, which can be done by doing stimulatory mental and physical exercises. Here are a few examples of practices that help in balancing one’s Chi:

  • Tai Chi: This form of practice has evolved from martial arts and combined with deep breathing exercises. It consists of slow and deliberate motions that help with posture, muscle control, circulation etc. 


  • Yoga: Yoga also employs breath-control as its primary focus, and its poses are held for a prolonged period to help you find your inner peace and balance. It is said that holding a pose creates blockages in our bodies dissipated after releasing the pose.


  • Meditation: Practicing mindfulness through regular meditation helps in getting rid of any toxicity, or negative thoughts, and it works towards putting the mind at ease.


These are only a few popular practices that are used to balance one’s Chi. The best way of maintaining one’s optimum well-being is by resting, taking in the sun and keeping stress at bay from time to time. 


Yours in self-care,

Adrian Wilk


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