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Dealing With Morning Sickness

Nausea and vomiting is a common issue during early pregnancy. While it's called morning sickness, it can affect you at any time of the day, or even during the night.


Nausea is a common issue during pregnancy and is closely related to low blood sugar counts, an increase in estrogen level, and sensitivity to some scents. 


Smell A Fresh Scent

Anything from a whiff of the garbage can, to your coworker's perfume is enough to turn your tummy. Your morning sickness is closely associated with your sense of smell; this is why it can help if you take a quick sniff of a fresh scent. You can go and stand near the window, or take in anything from a fresh flower to a freshly cut citrus. 


Rest Up

Pregnant women need to rest more than anyone else, so make sure you are getting a good night's rest. Moreover, taking a nap during the day can help you, but not right after a meal. Sleeping or napping right after eating can boost your nausea, and might call for a long night. It's best for those who work nights and sleep through the day to wear an eye mask and use light-blocking curtains. 


One essential you need during your pregnancy is a pregnancy pillow, something to help support your body's changes.


Watch What You Eat

A general misconception about pregnancy is that you are eating for two. You do not have to eat for two, just enough to keep your body well-nourished. Try to avoid spicy and fatty foods, along with caffeine; as they can help increase stomach acid. 


When looking for an easy way to keep vomiting and morning sickness at bay, it's best to eat small portions. Taking in a little bit allows your system to breakdown the foods and work its process. An empty stomach can cause nausea, so you should divide your meals and eat about 4 to 5 small meals per day. 


Stay Active

Staying active can help you push away morning sickness. Being mentally and physically active keeps your body and mind busy. Taking your mind off nausea in any possible manner helps ensure you feel fresh and comfortable at all times. 


Fluid Intake

It is essential to drink a good amount of water every day, as your body needs hydration more than ever. While it might be hard to drink eight water glasses per day, try to stay as hydrated as possible. 


Dehydration can push nausea, which is why it's best to take small sips of water now and then. If you cannot drink water, add a touch of honey or apple cider vinegar to the mix. 


Ginger & Peppermint Tea

Drinking ginger and peppermint tea can help aid digestion, and set you free from nausea. If you are not in the mood for hot drinks, you can try cold ginger ale, or add slices of raw ginger to your water. 


Facts About Morning Sickness 


  • More than 50% of women who become pregnant suffer from morning sickness.
  • Acupressure, rest, and dietary measures can manage morning sickness.
  • Active medical treatment is reserved for mommies that have a case of excessive vomiting.
  • Medication to help with morning sickness is not recommended until and unless it is prescribed.



Yours in self-care,

Adrian Wilk


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