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Facial Pain

Facial pain is commonly associated with headaches and injuries. However, other causes of facial pain include, but are not limited to nerve conditions, dental problems, jaw issues, and infections. Due to which they can originate from any area of the face and might radiate from one part of your head to another. 


To help you understand better, we have categorized facial pain by type, including:


  • Dental pain can cause facial pain, but it is only due to issues revolving around your teeth and gums.
  • Nerve pain is another reason for facial pain and is related to issues of focal nerves.
  • Temporomandibular pain is associated with the temporomandibular joint and the muscles of the jaw.
  • Vascular pain occurs due to issues in your blood vessels and blood flow.


Possible Causes of Facial Pain



Headaches are one of the most common causes of facial pain. While there are many types of headaches, the headaches that can cause facial pain include: 


  • Ice pick headaches bring you a sharp stabbing pain that lasts for approximately 3 seconds and can affect the side of the head, temples, and eye sockets.
  • Cluster headaches occur now and then, and often come as a surprise. They can be extremely painful and come with burning pain on your temples, and around your eyes. Other symptoms of cluster headaches are a red runny nose, and swollen eyes.
  • Migraine can come out of nowhere, and take over some part of your head. More than one-third of individuals suffering from migraines can feel an aura before the pain kicks in, a visual disturbance that causes numbness of one side of your face, and at times a sense of tingling.


Individuals who suffer from recurring headaches should consult a doctor for an effective treatment plan. Headaches can take over your life, which is why it's best to keep them under control. Making sure the pain and annoyance associated with your headaches do not result in inefficient behaviour.


Facial Injuries


The second leading cause of facial pain is associated with past and current injuries. Mostly these injuries include some damage to your facial nerves. For instance, a facial injury including blows and cuts from a fall, accidents, and impacts violence can leave you with lasting damage. 


Rare as they may be, there are times when facial surgery for cosmetic procedures or other reasons may cause nerve damage leading to facial pain. The symptoms of injuries to your facial nerves include numbness, tingling, and paralysis on or around the affected area.


TMJ Disorders 

Your TMJ is where the mandible or jawbone connects to your skill. With a TMJ on each side of your head. TMJ disorder is a common condition that causes movement problems and pain in the muscles and jaw joints. Currently, more than 10 million US residents suffer from TMJ disorder, causing extensive facial pain.


Symptoms of a TMJ disorder might include:


  • Facial pain - covering your face, head, or neck area
  • Stiffness in the jaw muscles
  • Difficulty opening and closing your mouth lead to jaw locking
  • A clicking, grinding or popping sound when you move your jaw


Pain can get worse while chewing and flow through your entire face. Fortunately, TMJ disorders are curable depending on their severity and symptoms. You can choose an over-the-counter medication, or prescription pain killer, take part in stress-relieving techniques, using a bite guard, a mount splint, or undergo surgery to correct the alignment of your jaw.


Yours in self-care,

Adrian Wilk


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