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Fungal Nail Infection | Does laser treatment really work?

For various reasons, people tend to overlook or ignore any issues that they might be dealing with when related to their feet. When such a delay is caused in seeking treatment, it allows the problem to worsen, making it way more challenging to treat. One of these problems is Fungal Nail Infection. Despite being a widespread problem, people tend to be embarrassed when they go in to get it treated. Thankfully, they are easily curable and more so due to new-age technologies like Laser Treatment.


How is it caused?

Fungus tends to propagate in areas that are likely to have a damp atmosphere, e.g., Jacuzzis, saunas, showers etc. Common spaces like these are a breeding ground for nasty fungi which can get under your nails quickly. 


How to identify a fungal infection?

It starts as a relatively small, yellow spot under your toe-nail and gradually spreads throughout while rendering you nail brittle and breakage-prone. Even after detecting it, if one doesn't seek remedy, it is likely to spread on the skin of the toes and the foot. This condition is also known as 'athlete's foot'.


What are the treatments?

There are many different kinds of treatment that can be administered to heal an infectious toe-nail, they include:

  • Antifungal cream – It is used topically but might not bring you the desired results.
  • Oral medication – Medication like Lamisil, which has antifungal properties is also a popular option, although it takes over several weeks to treat the infection, in some cases.
  • Nail removal – If the infection can potentially cause more harm, the doctor might suggest this procedure.
  • Laser Treatment – With the medical realm's advancement, there is a drastic shift; with more people seeking this treatment.


Why Laser Treatment?

This form of treatment is an absolute way to get rid of your fungal infection. Using laser technology, the doctor will be able to kill the fungus beneath your toe-nail without harming the surrounding area. In addition to this, each session lasts for around ten minutes, and it is a painless experience. It takes a couple of sessions to eliminate one's fungal infection and has almost little recovery time. 

After you are done with this treatment, the fungus will be entirely eradicated, and it won't be spreading any further. Your nail will return to its natural, exact state once it grows out.


What are the preventive measures?

The primary precautions that one can take to avoid getting a fungal nail infection in the first place would be – drying your feet thoroughly, wear footwear in public arenas; especially in shared areas which tend to be damp. Clipping your toe-nails regularly is a great way to keep them tidy. 


Sometimes you may still contract an infection, despite taking all preventive measures. In which case, it is paramount that you visit your doctor at the earliest, and seek a treatment that is immediate and lasting. 


Yours in self-care,

Adrian Wilk

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