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How To Improve Your Blood Circulation

Your blood circulatory system, also known as the cardiovascular system, helps deliver oxygen and nutrients to every cell in your body. Using your heart and blood vessels, it makes its way to every inch of your body. While the arteries are used to carry blood away from your heart, the veins are designed to help move the blood back to your heart. 


Why A Good Blood Flow is Essential

A human body consists of 60,000 miles of blood vessels, paired with your muscles and heart; they create a circulatory system like no other. This roadway helps carry blood to every corner of your body to ensure optimal health. However, when the circulation is low, it starts to slow down and block the blood flow depriving the cells in your body of healthy nutrients and oxygen they need to thrive, leading to numbness and/or cold hands and feet.


If you have light skin, you might be able to see your legs turn slightly blue. Whereas, others will be able to experience dry skin, nails brittles, and hair fall. Furthermore, some men might find it hard to get an erection. 


Ways To Help Improve Blood Circulation

Cutting Nicotine - Nicotine can harm your arteries' walls and causes a thickness to your blood; slowing down your blood circulation. If you are an active smoker, we suggest you ditch everything from cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, and smokeless tobacco. Anything that contains Nicotine needs to go.


Control Blood Pressure - high blood pressure can harden and shrink your arteries, choking blood flow, and damaging your system. Maintaining a healthy blood pressure can help you keep your overall health intact, along with smooth blood circulation. You can easily maintain your blood pressure with medication and other techniques.


Drink Water - there is no other way to say this, but water is life. Try to aim for at least eight glasses per day, and bring your intake up during the summer season. Moreover, it's best to drink more water when working out, as it helps maintain a healthy balance.


Standing Desk - sitting for hours on end can lead to a stiff body and could slow your blood circulation. Invest in you by getting a standing desk which allows you to use your muscles and boost blood flow in the process. Moving around from time to time helps keep your system going, giving it the slight push it needs to thrive. Go for a walk every now and then to help your body out!


Relaxation - taking part in relaxing activities such as yoga can help you jump-start your blood flow. When your body moves around, it pushes oxygen through your cells. Similarly, when you twist around, your body signals your system to send blood to various organs. Leading you to an upside-down position, during which your blood naturally travels to every section of your body. Offering your body the refreshing touch it needs, while creating a healthy boost in blood flow. 


Eat Green - what you eat has a direct impact on your blood flow. Eating many vegetables and fruits can help you gain steer clear of unhealthy fats and excessive salt allowing your body to work with natural healing properties found in different fruits and vegetables. 


Yours in self-care,

Adrian Wilk

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