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Relieve Your Chronic Pain With TENS

Millions of people around the world suffer from various chronic pains. There is a great chance either you or someone you know suffer from some chronic pain. Fortunately, a treatment can help you and others without taking on any harsh drugs or excruciating pain to ease the pain. 


Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation commonly referred to as TENS brings you an electric treatment to help dull the impact of chronic pain. What was only resolved with medications and/or surgery, can now easily be treated using TENS.


Cutting you away from lasting side effects of medications, and recovery period after surgery, going through complications, and so on. To achieve a pain-free life, a life where you can enjoy the little pleasures is the one that every chronic patient wants.


Advantages of TENS


Nerve Retraining

When your nerves are damaged, they are unable to send or receive any signals. It leads to several difficulties in movement and causes an extensive amount of pain. They are collectively leading to a loss of movement, as the pain takes over your body and mind. TENS sends through electric waves through your system, notifying endorphins to be released. Once these natural painkillers start to work through your body, it helps decrease chronic pain. 


Reducing Inflammation

Pain and inflation tend to go hand in hand, as one follows when the other exists. Due to which you will often find your muscles and joints to be inflamed after a pain attack. Unfortunately, inflammation is not just an added view; it heightens the level of pain. To help you out TENS pushes through electric impulses that help reduce inflammation rooted deep within your muscle fibres.


No Side Effects

One of the leading advantages of TENS is that it does not come with any side effects. Instead, it only offers you a pain-free life, something that is unheard of when taking pain medication.


How To Prepare For TENS

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation does not require any special preparation. It is a session-based process, much like other sessions. During the TENS process, electro codes are secured on the surface of your skin, mostly right above the overactive nerves. Once the pads are attached, the process can begin. 


The process is taken on by a licensed healthcare professional trained to ensure effective and efficient results. However, your process's timeframe will be based on your condition and the intensity of pain you have been dealing with.


What To Expect From Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation


TENS is designed to stimulate your nerves and can help offer instant and hopefully prolonged pain relief. It does not matter if the pain you are suffering from is chronic, or acute - with the help of TENS, you can quickly go back to enjoying a happy and healthy life.


TENS releases endorphins in your system, sending a feeling of love, warmth, and relaxation through your body. Some experience permanent pain relief after a few TENS sessions and others need TENS therapy sessions for a while longer or shorter depending on their condition. 


TENS offers small electrical currents that run through your system, notifying them to reduce and control pain signals in the process, instantly wrestling in temporary or permanent relief. However, its results are based on the condition and intensity of the pain this is why it's best to speak to the TENS therapy provider and get a clear idea/picture of what to expect from the therapy. 



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