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Shiatsu Massage | The Japanese way of healing

Primarily developed in Japan, Shiatsu massage is a traditional therapy involving 'finger pressure' applied to specific sections of the body. Like in acupressure it uses points on the body and a rhythmic movement across those points. Techniques like kneading, tapping and stretching are incorporated, by Shiatsu therapists.


Practitioners of Shiatsu therapy mainly aim at facilitating the flow of 'Chi' or energy through the body, which, according to them, is vital to one's well-being. This massage aims to remove blockages that restrict the flow of 'chi', which helps people feel better. 


It is carried out on a low-lying table. At the same time, the client wears comfortable and loose clothing, making it non-invasive and suitable for people who are getting newly introduced to the realm of remedial therapy.



Receiving a Shiatsu massage entails a wide range of benefits. While most common ones are stimulation of the circulatory system, removal of bodily toxins and passive stretching of the entire body, this therapy's rewards go way beyond.

  • Muscle Stiffness: Despite working from home nowadays, we tend to work more than just 9-5 which slowly takes a toll on our overall well-being, while hunching over our desktops certainly doesn't do any good. Hence, this is a great way to open up those stiff neck and shoulder muscles and start working again with improved vigour.


  • Headaches: For people who find themselves battling chronic headaches, Shiatsu therapy stimulates the blood flow, which mostly helps with headaches.


  • Fibromyalgia:  It is said to help with pain intensity, pressure pain threshold, sleep quality and symptoms of fibromyalgia in patients who were suffering chronic pain due to the condition.


  • Digestive Disorders: Although older folks usually face it, Shiatsu massage is an excellent aid to deal with any problems you might encounter with your digestive system. It helps restore the hormonal balance in people, the disturbance in which usually leads to an issue with digestion.


  • Stress and Anxiety: These two things have become almost an inseparable part of a busy, modern life. But that does not justify having to live under pressure with no break at all constantly. For people who don't want to undergo intensive therapies, Shiatsu therapy works like a charm in helping them deal with pressures and worries of day-to-day life.


Apart from a handful of people, including pregnant women, patients diagnosed with heart diseases and those under chemotherapy/radiation treatment, Shiatsu massage is safe and beneficial for everyone. It is milder physiotherapy which helps your muscles relax, and your body realign.  


Going for a Shiatsu massage at least twice a month would also be an excellent preventive method to keep one's well-being in check.


Yours in self-care,

Adrian Wilk 

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