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Soft Tissue Massage

Soft tissue massage is the most common massage taken on around the world. It is reserved for individuals experiencing stress, tense muscles, muscle soreness, pain, and other related issues. 


Massage therapy has helped millions of men and women worldwide for more than thousands of years. Even dating back to Ancient cultures, massages were an essential part of physical and mental health. Documents prove that Egyptians, Persians, and Hindus were great practitioners - using massages to help cure various illnesses and ailments. 


A great tool used for relaxation and stress relief can help alleviate your pain, bursitis, treat arthritis, high blood pressure, fatigue, depression, diabetes, and other conditions. Keep reading, and we will take you through the different benefits of soft tissue massage. 


Improved Flexibility

It is common to feel some muscle tension after a long day or a stressful working session. With a soft tissue massage, you can help boost your overall flexibility, thus lowering your muscle injury chances. The type of massage includes stretching your muscle fibre while promoting and maintaining flexibility.


Pain Reduction

A soft tissue massage is considered to be an effective way to reduce the impact of muscular pain. Regardless of the underlying issue behind your pain, a soft tissue massage can help break through the mood. Chronic and acute pain leaves you in a low mood, feeling like things are piling up around you, as you stay stuck in the same rut. With the help of a soft tissue massage, you can lower the impact of pain long enough to get things done, making it an effective way to deal with pain. 


Better Circulation

Soft tissue massage includes working on various areas of your body, and as it works through your muscles, it boosts your blood circulation in the process. Opening up a natural healing doorway that can repair, and nourish every inch of your body. Furthermore, with better circulation, you can easily assure an enhanced performance in every aspect of your life. While the blood pumps through your system, it ensures a healthy lymphatic circulation. Meaning a better removal of waste from recovering muscles, while making sure they get enough food and oxygen. 


Decreased Tension

Today, most of us work and live in a high tense situation. Causing our muscles to soften due to tension, and generally causing a horrible impact on your life. Muscle relaxation is an essential aspect of your well being and can help you make sound decisions. A soft tissue massage breaks you away from the world and takes you on a healing and soothing journey of its own. An overall process that ensures your body and mind lets go of tension, and enjoys what life offers.


Sleep Improvement

One of the most surprising benefits of a soft tissue massage is its ability to help you improve your sleeping cycle. Everyone sleeps off during a massage, but a deep tissue massage can help you break unhealthy sleeping patterns, starting a recovering process that enables you to build and maintain a healthy lifestyle. When you head to bed with a relaxed body and mind, you are more likely to fall asleep in a matter of minutes. However, when you head to bed with your headful, chances are you will spend the night tossing and turning. 


With the help of soft tissue massage, you can gain a great deal more than what you expected ranging from improving range of motion, preventing pain, aiding muscle recovery, optimizing spinal adjustments, and enhancing your physical functions. 



Yours in self-care,

Adrian Wilk

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