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What is Sciatica? - Benefit of Sciatica Massage

Sciatica - a pain that runs along your sciatic nerve - extending from your lower back through your hips, buttocks, and down the leg. Commonly, Sciatica only impacts one side of your body and may range in terms of pain intensity. Moreover, it comes with other symptoms such as tingling, numbness, or weakness in your foot and leg (affected side).


Interfering with your daily life, it makes standing, sitting, and walking a difficult task. While a Sciatica massage is not a solution to the issue, it is known to help offer you temporary relief. Besides, it makes for a great substitution from traditional painkillers, making sure your body does not become immune to the painkiller's impact, as they should be reserved for extreme pain. Keep on reading, as we take on through various benefits of a Sciatica massage.


Sciatica Massage Benefits

Massage therapy is a practical choice when looking to relieve pain. Various studies and research has shown that deep tissue massage can help work as a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication when looking to relieve lower back pain, and other Sciatica related symptoms.


When talking about Sciatica pain, massage can help in two different ways. Firstly, it can help soothe and ease tensed muscles. As when your muscles are tense, they create pressure on your nerves. Secondly, it can help reduce stress on your sciatic nerve - offering you temporary relief and cuts down on the intensity of pain.


Moreover, if you cannot take on a deep tissue massage - you can opt for a soft tissue massage. As it can help release endorphins to relieve pain, boost pleasure, and cause a sense of well being. 


Best Massage For Sciatica

We suggest you choose the massage you are comfortable with, your personal preference plays a huge role in the matter, as it allows you to work keeping your comfort level in check. Even so, here is how different massages impact Sciatica pain.


Deep tissue massage - An aggressive form of massage that uses intensive pressure to reach deep layers of your muscles and tissues which can help release tension from your muscles, and connective tissues; offering you a sense of relief and ease of movement. A clinical study stated that a 30-minute deep tissue massage could help treat Sciatica every one or two weeks. 


Swedish massage - With less pressure and intensity, it still manages to offer your body a sense of calmness and relaxation. Increasing blood flow helps cut down on pain and boost natural healing. While it works on relieving tension from your tissues and helps promote mental and physical relaxation.


Myofascial release - The technique is designed to help reduce pain from stems of myofascial tissues. These are the tough membranes that support and surround your muscles. Focusing on your trigger points, immovable areas, and stiff parts of the body, it works to help break barriers while reducing the impact of pain.


Hot stone massage - Helps promote relaxation and eases tensed muscles. During the practice, heated stones are placed on your body's specific areas, which offer a type of heat therapy mixed with a Swedish massage. 


It would help if you kept in mind that Sciatica massage cannot help you cure the pain's underlying cause. However, it can help you relieve your symptoms and improve your life quality for a short period after the massage. Moreover, this depends on the intensity of pain you feel and how intensive your Sciatica condition runs. 



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