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How It Works

It’s Knot Rocket Science!

Are you feeling like you can’t quite justify getting that fortnightly recovery massage, even though your body is crying out for one? Have you been staring down the barrel of three months of rehab physiotherapy on an injured knee and it’s got your wallet trembling?

Our Mantra

Imagine waking up every morning without feeling sore or stiff, and without having to worry about how much you’re spending on your healthcare. That simple goal of helping you feel better, while spending less, is the reason we started No Knot Club. And we think we’ve found a way…

Introducing NKC...

No Knot Club is Australia’s leading discount Health Services Membership Club. We believe in a multidisciplinary health approach and we want to create new pathways so that everyone can afford to cleanse, refresh, restore and revitalise their body and mind! By joining No Knot Club you’ll gain access to our network of professional health service providers and unlock a guaranteed 20% and up to 40% discount with every booking made through one of our approved healthcare professionals. Our health practitioners are reducing their regular fees for our members so you can keep your costs down. Whether you’re currently involved in an on-going treatment plan or looking to take your first steps towards a healthier body and mind, we’re here to make your choice easier.

Benefiting from membership is as easy as:

Unlimited bookings with your favourite healthcare professional, healthcare discounts whenever you want with a NKC membership card

Benefiting from membership is as easy as:

Step 02

Once you join the No Knot Club, we’ll get in touch straight away. Use your membership details to log in to your Member Dashboard. Here you’ll find your No Knot Club Card, which you can start using immediately.

Step 03

Find the health service professional you need. Use our search tool to look through our network to find your perfect provider.

Step 04

Make a booking and reap the rewards! Start enjoying an unlimited number of discounted bookings for the entire year!

Finding You Quality Providers

Our carefully selected network of local healthcare professionals provide primary care services to improve your quality of life. Just a few of the conditions our members frequently seek treatment for are:

Go on, you deserve us!

Guaranteed 20% off all services with No Knot Club