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Boxr Newstead

Boxr Newstead

  • 76 Doggett Street
    Teneriffe QLD 4005
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  • Make a booking here:
    0449 654 392

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No Knot Club is Australia’s leading discount Health Services Membership Club. We believe in a multidisciplinary health approach and we want to create new pathways so that everyone can afford to cleanse, refresh, restore and revitalise their body and mind!

Boxr Newstead Bio

BOXR is all about boxing, fitness and nutrition. We make people fit. We make people healthy. We make people strong. We make people lean. We make people fast. And we do it using the principles and protocols of boxing.

We have taken what was generally considered a male-dominant, underground and elite sports domain… and created an accessible fitness platform for everyone to experience. Men, women, beginners, advanced, amateur boxers and pros. No egos, no attitudes, it’s more about a group of people who are there to have fun and go hard!

We cater for the excitable 17 year old and the energetic 70 year old… and every fitness level in between. Our coaches are personable, friendly and the best in the business. Their primary goal is to assist you in being the best you can be, to raise the quality of life through fitness, confidence and a sense of belonging.

Each of our Group Classes are an intense, ultra-calorie burning and super charged metabolic workout for up to 30 people in a friendly and empowering environment. You go hard enough… you’ll burn over a 1,000 calories. Our Personal Training is built around contemporary power conditioning disciplines that challenge and fast-track your fitness goals. Our Nutrition is geared towards making permanent changes to your eating habits that will complement your training and help achieve your optimum health.

In a saturated health and fitness market dominated by aimless and unsupervised 24/7 gyms, people are looking for more variety, personal attention and professional guidance. We focus on contemporary training techniques, explosive interval-based activities and more of the things you might not expect to see at a conventional gym. But expect to be challenged, expect to see change and expect to be served by some of Brisbane’s leading fitness professionals.

How to save at Boxr Newstead

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How to save at Boxr Newstead

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Join the Club online for just $14.99*/month and start benefiting immediately!

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We’ll take care of the rest. We provide all your healthcare discounts, in one neatly tied up bundle! You’re ready to start feeling better and spending less!


  • Boxr Weekly Membership

    Discount: 25%

Team Members

  • Craig Mckim
  • Chris Tesdale
  • Scott Luk
  • Mauricio Bernal

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