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What Is A Chiropractor?

a patient taking chiropractor treatment by a doctor

A Chiropractor is a health care professional whose focus is on the manipulation of the spine and its relationship with the body’s nervous system. Chiropractic treatment is built on the foundation that with the proper lignment of the body's spine and musculoskeletal structure (bones, muscles, and joints), the body can heal itself without having to resort to surgery or medication. Chiropractors use manual spinal movements and adjustments, manipulation, and stretching to help with neuromuscular

a patient taking chiropractor treatment by a doctor

disorders and chronic pain. A Chiropractor is also trained in the diagnosis of back pain and musculoskeletal problems and can assist other medical health professionals in their full analysis of a patient's condition. They are trained to provide a patient with exercises, nutritional, dietary and lifestyle advice to promote continued recovery at home.

What Can A Chiropractor Do For Me?

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Chiropractors focus on rebuilding your spinal mobility back to a normal state, which can restore the structural integrity of the spine, reduce pressure on nerves and neurological tissue, and improve overall health. While most patients seek the aid of a Chiropractor to relieve back pain, they are also able to help with other spinal and nerve-related pain issues such as Headaches and neck pain. A typical chiropractic appointment will involve taking your practitioner through your medical history, checking

your range of motion, checking your vital signs, discussing your musculoskeletal condition, examining your nervous system response, and checking your posture. We often find our members look to incorporate chiropractic treatment into their recovery plan when they suffer from these conditions:

How Much Does Regular Chiropractic Treatment Cost?

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The exact cost of your treatment will vary depending on whom you see, the length of your rehabilitation period, and your individual needs. Each practitioner will have their own fee structure, so we encourage you to check with your provider directly before making an appointment.The average cost of a Chiropractor within Australia ranges from $60 to $85. More time may be required during a patient's initial appointment during the diagnostic stage often costing more than follow-up appointments and

a man is taking chiropactor treatment

typically ranging from $70 to $140. It is here where No Knot Club members will find the most benefit. With No Knot Club membership, you save a guaranteed 20% and up to 40% off the cost of your Chiropractor appointments.

Factors Impacting the Cost of Seeing A Chiropractor

Our Chiropractors tailor their treatments to each individual's needs. They aim to improve the alignment of your spine, reducing lower back pressure and enhancing functionality in your neck and back. As every patient is unique, the cost of treatment can vary according to several different factors:

Your health insurance – Chiropractic services may be included as part of your extras cover. Your health insurance policy will inform the exact reduced cost of your treatment. No Knot Club membership can be used alongside your health insurance policy, reducing your out-of-pocket cost even more!

The number of sessions required – The number of sessions for your chiropractic treatment plan can vary greatly depending on the nature of your visit. Your Chiropractor will always tell you their best estimate as to how many visits your specific injury or condition will require before commencing your treatment.

Age- Chiropractic adjustments aim to slowly restore your spinal alignment. Your age may affect how quickly your body adapts to the procedure and how many treatments are required. Older patients may require more sessions and heal at a slower rate than younger patients.

Experience– The level of expertise and professional qualifications of your Chiropractor will affect their rates for their services. When it comes to medical treatment, it is important to see an experienced practitioner. Our No Knot Club Chiropractors have been carefully selected to provide you access to the best possible treatment, and No Knot Club membership will reduce the cost of every chiropractic appointment.

Extra Services – Chiropractors offer other medical diagnostic services such as X- Rays and Ultrasounds and can order MRIs for patients. These extra services will affect the cost of your Chiropractor treatment.

How Much Can I Save With A No Knot Club Approved Chiropractor?

Our partnered chiropractors commit to providing No Knot Club members with a guaranteed 20% and up to 40% reduction on the cost of every appointment.

At No Knot Club, it is our goal to help you to feel better while spending less. If your condition, pain, or strain requires chiropractic treatment, here are some examples of how No Knot Club membership may reduce your costs:

Appointment type Regular patients pay Example No Knot Club fees Treatment savings per visit
Initial Appointment $70-$140 $56-$112 $14-$28 saving!
Follow-up Appointments $60-$85 $48-$68 $12-$17 saving!

Join the club right now for $14.99/month to access these discounts and start benefiting immediately! With a single visit saving you more money than our membership fee, can you afford not to be a member?

What Types of Treatments Are Available at A Chiropractor?

Chiropractic treatments include a range of different techniques, such as:

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Spinal Manipulation: Using the hands to apply controlled, sudden pressure to your spine into joints that have become restricted in their movement as a result of a tissue injury. This thrusting technique moves the spinal joint more than it would on its own. The goal of this method, also known as a 'chiropractic adjustment,' is to improve your range of spinal motion and enhance overall physical function.Tissue injury can either be caused by a

single traumatic event, or through repetitive stresses, such as poor spinal posture for an extended period of time. In both cases, the tissue becomes inflamed, resulting in pain and diminished mobility. Adjustment of the affected tissues and joints restores this mobility, decreasing tightness and allowing the body to heal.

a doctor showing x-ray film of spine to the patient

Spinal Mobilisation: Gentle movement of the joint often done by both the practitioner and the patient at home to improve its range of motion. By improving the range of motion restrictions, the source of pain is reduced

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Exercise Routines: Specific strengthening exercises for back, neck and extremity problems are commonly prescribed by chiropractors as part of a full recovery plan.

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Ice and Heat Therapy: Historically a common and effective injury treatment method, ice therapy can reduce swelling and reduce pain immediately after injury; while heat therapy is used to relax the muscles and increase circulation.

Factors Impacting the Cost of Seeing A Chiropractor

Therapeutic Stretches: A Chiropractor will often provide you with a regular stretching program in addition to your chiropractic treatment to help keep tissues flexible, increase mobility, and fortify your body against new injuries. Your Chiropractor will instruct you on safe and correct stretching techniques.

Soft Tissue Massage: A form of bodywork that involves gentle massaging of the muscles, ligaments, and tendons to increase circulation and encourage faster healing.

Lifestyle Counselling: Your Chiropractor is an expert in maintaining a well-rounded, holistic health approach. They can help you to create actionable plans to identify and reduce unhealthy habits such as poor diet, poor exercise habits, smoking, and excessive stress.

Transcutaneous Electric Nerve Stimulation (TENS) – A muscle stimulation technique that utilises electrical currents of varying intensities to manage acute pain.

How Do I Know If I Need A Chiropractor?

Seeing a Chiropractor can have many benefits to your physical health and overall mobility. One of the most common symptoms sending people to a chiropractor’s office is chronic back pain. But there are other signs to watch out for that might point to the need for a visit to the chiropractor:

If you suffer from frequent Headaches, then chiropractic treatment may help. Misalignment of the neck or spine is a common cause of chronic Headaches, and a chiropractic adjustment may help to improve blood flow and relieve your Headaches.

• Limited Range of Motion
Generally, our range of movement and mobility is constant for a person. If all of a sudden you are unable to complete your regular daily tasks without pain or find that you can no longer move in a certain way that you could before, then there may be an underlying trauma or injury and a chiropractic adjustment may help.

• Joint Pain
A Chiropractor is specifically trained to relieve joint and muscle pain caused by musculoskeletal misalignment. A chiropractic adjustment will increase blood flow and nerve conductivity to the areas that you are experiencing the most pain.

Poor Posture
As many of our jobs require us to sit 5 days a week for a prolonged period of time, poor posture has become one of the most common issues amongst adults. Bad posture can increase the pressure placed on the upper back, neck, and shoulders, causing the discs and bones to shift enough to cause problems. A Chiropractor can align your spine correctly to relieve this pressure and reduce postural pain.

• Involved in a Recent Accident
Serious accidents or injuries resulting from a car or motorcycle collision, or a bad sporting injury, may need to be checked by an experienced chiropractor. They can help diagnose specific post-trauma issues that may have been missed by another practitioner and help you on your way to a full recovery.

How Often Will I Need to See A Chiropractor?

Our No Knot Club Chiropractors will tailor a specific program according to your individual issues and needs. The number of times you may need to see your Chiropractor will vary accordingly. During your Initial Consultation, your Chiropractor will sit with you to discuss your case and run through your options, including an estimated appointment frequency, length of recovery time, and cost.
We often find that during the initial stages of treatment that patients will require more regular contact, with that amount lowering over time as your body heals and your Chiropractor gains a better understanding of how well your body is adapting to the therapy.

However, it is not uncommon for your recovery journey to take several months of treatment. Your body's natural healing process can be supported and aided, but not rushed. We at No Knot Club understand that the cost of recurring Chiropractor sessions over several months can add up quickly and become a burden during an already difficult time.

We believe in a multidisciplinary health approach for everyone. That's why our carefully selected No Knot Club chiropractors are reducing the cost of chiropractic treatments for everyone. By joining No Knot Club you'll gain access to our network of professional chiropractors and unlock a guaranteed 20% and up to 40% discount with every single appointment made.

How Can I Find a No Knot Club Approved Chiropractor?

Check out our range of handpicked, local healthcare professionals here , and find a Chiropractor near you!

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